The Momentum Circuits team all have considerable experience of not just the industry, but also of working together as the driving force and dynamic core of an established PCB supplier.

When Momentum Circuits was founded, the concept was very simple; apply all of the very best practice that we had all individually applied for over a decade, and drop all of the bad practice, unreliable suppliers and simply do things better and more efficiently.

Importantly, it was also decided that Momentum Circuits would never be a 'lifestyle family business' that stands still in a growing market.

There is ongoing investment in training, equipment, new staff and a genuine investment in partnership with our UK and offshore manufacturing facilities.

We have all seen how restrictive cash flow can strangle growth and limit quality, and therefore Momentum Circuits is 100% privately funded with all profits being invested back into the business.

The ethos is to use the working capital to generate opportunity and owe nothing to banks or suppliers and pay promptly. This is a stark contrast to how we have all operated in the past, and hugely liberating.

All of our individual historic employment experience  within electronic design, assembly, quality, product management, global manufacturing & distributor management has resulted in a pragmatic, engineering competence based approach.

Our applied experience has created a very new approach that is clearly illustrated within our website so that we can view every potential application from a cost reduction, production/yield optimisation and quality perspective to reflect the requirements of all of our customers, not just buyers and production engineers. All experience is valuable and directly applicable in business. The art is to learn from your experience and apply solutions that give us an industry advantage and make us easier to deal with.

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Momentum Circuits are a team with over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.