Momentum Circuits have over 20-years of experience manufacturing printed circuit boards for the Security sector.

We fundamentally understand the importance of confidentiality and IP protection and all work is carried out with a total control over design and specification details.

All circuit boards manufactured by Momentum Circuits are covered by an implied non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and we are also happy to enter into formal written NDAs for any customer that requires one.

Momentum Circuits never move work around several manufacturers once the design has been approved as we feel this is not only bad practice with regards to traceability and continuity, but it also fails to control the distribution of your data and engineering drawings.

We offer a comprehensive range of materials, solderable finishes and a volume HDI capability for the fine track & gap work that is regularly requested within the security sector.

As always, every boards that we supply is 100% tested, inspected and guaranteed to offer you the highest levels of performance and long term reliability.

What our customers say...

"So many UK PCB companies offer large volume offshore manufacturing capabilities, but then use local manufacturers to produce prototypes quickly. These samples simply aren't representative of the volume product that we will be buying because tolerances are different and even the materials used to make the baords will vary between factories. Momentum's ability to manufacture pre-production samples in 7-days from the specific factory building the volume work offers us an infinitely better proving bed for development, and ensures that the volume manufactured assemblies perform in an identical way. The fact that the samples came free of charge was just icing on the cake."

We are able to supply the full range of volumes and technologies from disclosed UK or offshore suppliers and offer total traceability on all printed circuit boards. Momentum Circuits, your trusted printed circuit boards manufacturer.

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Momentum Circuits are printed circuit board manufacturers with a team that has over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.