Data Management and Archiving

All data and tooling paid for by our customers remains their property and we therefore always return a copy of the finished manufacturing data so that they are in possession of the latest iteration.

At Momentum, we will also store your manufacturing data securely in our archive service along with all subsequent revisions and up-issues for your peace of mind.

The archive will be backed up daily and stored in more than one physical place to ensure that data cannot be lost or corrupted in the event of any IT based issues, crash or even fire damage.

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and we also advocate the best practice of up-issuing any design or layout changes (beyond standard manufacturing tolerances) to ensure that we are always making the correct version of your boards at any one time.

Manufacturing an obsolete version of a PCB can be costly and create significant delays to your manufacturing process. We will do everything we can in the form of detailed quotations and order acknowledgments to minimise the risk of an incorrect issue being made.

With some previous generation products being supported in the field for up to 10-years in Europe, ensure your data is safe and secure with Momentum Circuits.


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