Medical & Life critical

There is no industry sector where printed circuit board performance and quality are so absolutely critical...'Life critical' even.

Momentum Circuits and our manufacturing partners have a fundamental understanding of the standards and quality expectations required by the medical sector (we are certified to ISO13485) and we guarantee the performance and integrity of the printed circuit boards that we manufacture and supply.

Momentum Circuits offer the full range of solderable finishes (including convention lead-based HASL that is acceptable with medical and life critical applications) and all laminate materials (including nominated manufacturers if required).

The importance of traceability for medical circuit boards is paramount and we are able to give a total quality and manufacturing audit trail for all boards supplied, including cross sections, solderability samples and test sections that show resistance to delamination during the assembly process.

What our customers say...

"Gone are the days when price wasn't important for our range of monitors and defibrillator units. The industry is now focusing much more on the absolute cost of manufacture and components with a view to global exports and Heath Authorities with considerably diminished budgets. Momentum Circuits were able to show us ways of taking cost out of the PCBs that we purchase without affecting the active circuitry or material choice at all. This saving has done a lot to win some of the margin lost to the current economic pressures applied to our sector, and we are grateful for the advantages this has given us."

Our circuit boards are used widely across the world in medical applications and Momentum ensure that every board supplied is the very best quality and designed/manufactured in order to offer the very highest levels of performance and reliability.


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