Chinese New Year (CNY)

For those customers utilising Momentum's offshore manufacturing facilities, the Chinese New Year shutdown period is something that needs to be planned and carefully managed.

Our objective is to always ensure that your production critical PCBs are readily available during the shutdown period in Asia and during the inevitable period of disruption that follows.

For any orders that have critical delivery dates approaching the CNY period, we strongly encourage the use of our UK based manufacturing facilities during this period.

It can however be a busy time for circuit manufacture and this can limit the number of ultra-fast turnaround jobs that can be undertaken.

Momentum Circuits encourage all of our customers to place orders early so that we are able to hold the circuits in stock here in the UK.

These boards can then be called off when required and only at that point would they be invoiced. This means there will be no unnecessary impact on your cash flow and the boards are available same or next day. We feel this is a win:win situation for you that carries no cost premium whatsoever.

All circuit boards held at Momentum Circuits are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment in vacuum packaging with silica desiccant to keep the PCBs in optimum assembly condition.

If you have any concerns regarding the Chinese New Year and any potential impact it may have on your business, please call us on 01858 345 801 and talk to our PCB logistics team.


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