In order to accurately quote for your printed circuit boards, we simply need the following information and Momentum Circuits will do the rest. 


1. A unique part number for the PCB that you will recognise

Please ensure than any ‘version’ number or letter is shown also to clearly differentiate between up-issues of the same part number. 

2. The volume or choice of volumes that you require quoting on

We will often also quote for half volume, 2x volume and 4x volume to give you indications of price advantage for larger batches. 

3. Lead-time

PCBs can be made in as little as 24 hours up to a maximum of 20-days to achieve the best manufacturing price. 

4. A copy of the current Gerber files

Momentum have a comprehensive in-house CAM Engineering capability and can handle all formats of data. 

5. An engineering drawing if available

This will allow our front-end team to confirm technical specification and clarify any data conflicts. 

6. Any specific requirements for solderable finish or materials (if not specified within the Gerber file or engineering drawing)

Examples of such requirements are:

  • Nominated laminate supplier or specified grade
  • Colour and solder resist finish of boards (matte or gloss)
  • Use of additional finishes such as selective gold contact pads, carbon ink, peelable resist etc
  • Specified build (printed circuit board stack-up)
  • Controlled impedance certification if specified

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Momentum Circuits are printed circuit board manufacturers with a team that has over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.