Panelisation and Rapid Stepped Data Approval

Momentum Circuits are happy to provide PCBs either as single circuits, with or without waste strips for handling, or panelised to offer the most efficient assembly throughput.

We always send our final panelisation back for customer approval and data archiving purposes, and we always favour working with a single image circuit to allow us the freedom to panelise to the best commercial fit.

We will select your preferred options for all of the following:

  • Solderable finish
  • Colour and finish of solder resist
  • Design and placement of fiducials within the scrap or on individual boards for the high accuracy placement of small pitch devices.
  • Machine holes where required or permitted
  • Waste strip position and dimensions
  • UL traceability code and rating
  • Week number and year code for stock rotation and traceability
  • Solderability indicators in waste strips
  • Part number and issue numbers in either the silk screen layer or within the copper features
  • Copper cross hatching, dot patterns or flood fills in scrap areas to achieve equilibrium across the PCB.

Consequently we will often quote your PCBs in a number of alternative panelisation options (within your specified handling capabilities) in order to achieve the most efficient use of the production laminate sheet and therefore achieve the best price advantage for you.

We can match an existing panelisation layout if required, but often find that the cost advantage of panelising a board to suit the use of raw materials will bring about a much larger cost saving for customers than matching an inefficient layout.

Let Momentum help you to optimise your PCB spend by using our panel layout services.

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