Manufacturing Design Rule Checks (DRCs)

Momentum Circuits pride ourselves on the fact that every PCB manufactured by us will undergo a standard set of Design Rule Checks (DRCs) to ensure that best practice, as defined by the IPC, has been taken into consideration.

Our excellent Internal CAM Engineers at Momentum Circuits will apply manufacturing tolerances, remove or move parts of the silkscreen that impinge on the connectivity areas of a board (surface mount pads, annual rings and edge connectors) and move copper features away from scoring or routing areas to avoid compromising the integrity of the finish.

We make manufacture easier and cheaper for you, as if track and gap specification is tighter than it needs to be, we will suggest using the available space on a design (where possible) to effectively make the board easier to manufacture and thus cheaper without compromising its form or functionality.

We will suggest amendments to processes that are either inefficient or could be rationalised so that there are no ‘bottlenecks’ in manufacturing that could detrimentally affect the lead-time of your PCBs.

At Momentum Circuits we specialise in safeguarding the perfect suitability of your board designs and we insist on data being supplied directly from our customers, not any other 3rd party or competitive printed circuit board supplier as the risk of changes not having been accurately applied or updated is not a risk we are willing to take.

To learn out more about our Manufacturing Design Rule Checks (DRCs), or any of our other services, get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.

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