Assembly Performance Indicators

Even in a an established industry such as printed circuit board manufacturing, there is room for innovation and improved process control.

Therefore Momentum have introduced an extremely useful feature on all panelised PCBs that we supply that gives process engineers an immediate indication of how well the board is wetting during the solder process.

It occurred to us that the waste strip on printed circuit boards has rarely been used for anything constructive or useful beyond the job of holding several circuits together.

Consequently we have used the waste strip to incorporate a retain-able 'coupon' that gives the operator everything they need to know about the board as follows:

  • Part number and version of the PCB
  • Manufacturing origin
  • Manufacturer's UL code
  • Week code of manufacture
  • Momentum's website address
  • A technical support phone number (24 hours)

Within this break-out area, we have also included a solderability performance indicator.

The soldering performance indicator on our boards uses solderability strips to be used in conjunction with a coalescing dot pattern of solder paste on strips of your chosen solderable finish.

Once the board has passed through the oven process, the solder pattern will instantly show how well the solder paste has wetted to the printed circuit board (the length of the paste that joins together at the liquidous stage) and this can be retained as proof of successful assembly performance in the event of long term field-based reliability issues.

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