Computing & IT

From the most simple peripheral device, right though to a large scale motherboard, Momentum Circuits are perfectly placed to satisfy all of your Computer or IT technology printed circuit board assembly needs.

We are able to supply large volume, low cost printed circuit boards in the most cost effective manner and supply extremely high technology HDI designs with very high layer counts and your choice of finish.

Momentum Circuits offer design assistance and a range of flex-rigid circuit technologies that are perfectly suited to clam-shell designs and lap-top style applications at extremely competitive prices in small or large volumes.

Every printed circuit board that we sell is 100% electrically tested for continuity against the Gerber NET list, and all inner layers are AOI inspected prior to mass lamination to ensure that the finished products offer extremely high performance and field reliability.

What our customers say...

"For some considerable time we have struggled with the quality of the selective hard gold plating quality on our PCMCIA Serial cards and this has resulted in the final inspection failure of expensive assembled units. In stark contrast, the volume batch of boards delivered by Momentum were as faultless as the pre-production samples, and for once, the requested chamfer specification was right first time also. Nice to deal with people who seem to understand why this is important for a change!"

For HDI applications, Momentum Circuits offer a capability of 3 thou" track and gap in volume, controlled impedance and certified build capability.

For applications where edge connectors are required, Momentum Circuits offer selective hard gold plating (typically 1 micron gold depth) that will ensure high quality connection despite many insertions and removal procedures.

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Momentum Circuits are printed circuit board manufacturers with a team that has over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.