PCB Assembly Process Advice

The assembly process involved in the production of printed circuit boards is vital to achieving the optimum manufacturing yield, and at Momentum Circuits our experts can provide unrivalled advice on the best assembly process for your PCB requirements.

Every OEM and EMS customer has a standard set of specifications that their printed circuit boards need to comply with to ensure they are manufactured correctly and with the highest possible yield, and an inherent understanding of the equipment and processes utilised in the population and assembly of these boards is fundamental to guarantee these requirements are met.

Here at Momentum Circuits, we have the capabilities and expertise to correctly specify any PCB, storing customer specifications and applying their requirements to every order as part of our design rule checks. Our factories offer a complete range of solderable finishes and solder and peelable resist options for multi-stage assembly that can be matched to your assembly process and peak process temperature, allowing us to recommend the best-suited finish for each board detail and process.

Even special requirements can be catered for at Momentum, using special processes that aid manufacture and product performance. For example, if a matte finish resist works better for your pick-and-place and AOI cameras, we can ensure that this finish is used on all of your boards.

We do not simply match a given specification, as this adds little value. Instead, we try to guide our customers towards aspects of PCB specification that fit ideally with their particular assembly process.

To learn more about how our assembly advice services can help increase your printed circuit board manufacturing yield, get in touch today.

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