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The audio, sound mixing and broadcast sector requires the very highest quality available within the printed circuit board assembly industry at a price that keeps the product competitive

Audio electronics require purity and the highest level of performance, reliability and aesthetics to achieve optimum acoustic performance and reflect the aspirational nature of the products being manufactured.

This capability is Momentum Circuits' forté.

Whilst we offer the full range of solderable finishes to suit all assembly processes, Momentum Circuits offer an extraordinary quality ENIG (Immersion gold over nickel) finish that offers the very best topography for small-pitch surface mount components, and the highest level of aesthetic appearance commensurate with the value of the finished item.

It is not unusual for extremely high-end audio to have visible electronics or even glass viewing windows in the outer cabinets so that the consumers and audiophiles can appreciate the component choice and build quality of the equipment.

Momentum Circuits ensure that the aesthetic quality of the printed circuit boards is exceptional and can offer solder resist in any colour to match your corporate image or in the very popular matte or gloss black finish.

Where top quality connectivity is required, Momentum Circuits offer selective hard gold plating (typically 1 micron in depth) for edge connectors, rotary potentiometers and contact switches so that interconnections and fine audio adjustments are precise and accurate.

What our customers say...

"We manufacture a range of extremely high quality audio components, speakers and automotive install systems and we simply cannot and will not compromise on quality or the aesthetics of our finished products. The circuit boards supplied by Momentum Circuits not only offer the best levels of solderability that we have experienced, but the care shown over the finish and the quality of gold plating is truly exceptional in our opinion. As a consequence, Momentum Circuits provide all of our boards and we are delighted with the technical support offered too."

If you are concerned about the electromagnetic affects of nickel within the finished board specification, we can offer a wide range of alternative solderable finishes that have no electromagnetic influences whatsoever.


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