Ethical Policy & Conflict Metals Statement

As part of our ethical policy of supply, Momentum Circuits Limited (MCL) have a statement that specifically covers  the supply of precious metals used within the manufacture of PCBs

Conflict Metals

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (“EICC”) requests support for the EICC’s Statement on Use of Minerals in Electronic Products from the supply chain for several metals commonly used in the electronics industry.  The metals of interest are: Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W), Cobalt (Co) and Tin (Sn).

The minerals these metals come from are Casseterite (Tin), Coltan (Tantalum),

Wolframite (Tungsten), and Coballite (Cobalt).  Cobalt is mainly obtained as a by product from the processing of Copper and Nickel (laterite) ores.  Gold occurs naturally in its elemental state usually in association with quartz or other mineral ores.These metals have a variety of sources including what has been termed as a “conflict region”, the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).   MCL  can assure that our supply chain for these metals is not being sourced from mines in conflict areas which are controlled by non-government military groups, or unlawful military factions (“Conflict Metals”).  Illegal mining profits by local military groups in the Eastern DRC are contributing to human rights abuses, environmental travesties, and theft from the Country’s citizens.

MCL agree with the expressed policy of conducting our business above reproach in all areas,  taking such measures as are reasonably necessary to help ensure that our respective supply chains do not source material that comes from any of these “conflict mines” together with an ongoing commitment to such a policy.  

Momentum Circuits Ltd has always specified the source of Tin for technical reasons which then assures that it only comes from mines in a peaceful part of the world, MCL have never knowingly bought any African sourced metal. 

Suplier Ethics 

As MCL strictly follows a guiding ethical path, MCL's' suppliers are expected to follow legal & ethical business practices. This ethic applies to all people and companies that do business with MCL, and it’s affiliates.

Health, Safety and Environment 

All required environmental permits and/or registrations will be obtained and maintained  by our supply chain. Any chemicals and or other hazardous materials if released into the environment will be identified and managed in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

Any exposure of hazardous materials (chemical, biological, and physical) is to be identified and controlled at all times.

All exposures that pose a safety hazard for workers are to be controlled through design and controls to ensure safety at all times possible.

Based on the classifications for Printed Circuit Boards manufacture and the physical properties of the finished goods that we supply, we can confirm that no component present in the finished product contains any chemical, substance or contact finish that can be classed as ‘hazardous’.


No supplier shall engage MCL employees or their family members to serve as officers, directors, employees, agents or consultants. Except with prior written permission by MCL. Any potential or perceived conflict of interest will be reported to MCL as soon as possible. 

Bribes will not be offered or accepted by the supplier and none shall be offered to any MCL employee as gifts, payments, fees, discounts, valued privileges or other favours where these would create an improper influence on the employee of MCL.

MCL employees may be offered common courtesies normally associated with standard business practices if offered openly and they are not and cannot be construed as a bribe.

Business integrity is of great importance to MCL. Suppliers will maintain a high degree of integrity in all interactions with MCL. Any corruption, extortion, and/or embezzlement is prohibited.


No supplier shall employ any indentured, bonded, involuntary prison, child labour, or forced labour.

All compensation paid to workers will comply with all applicable wages laws, including those of minimum wage, overtime, and legally mandated benefits.

No supplier shall engage in discrimination based on race, colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, or marital status.

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