Quality Appraisal Services

Quality is not just fundamental to our ongoing success and growth as a business; it is also the first consideration in everything that we do at Momentum.

Often we are introduced to new customers as a result of a previous quality issue by their incumbent supplier that was not dealt with in a satisfactory manner. We are always happy to help in these circumstances to find a satisfactory solution without prejudice.

Therefore in order to assist our customers, we offer a comprehensive quality appraisal service for all PCB users to deal with and resolve existing quality problems and then to determine the most appropriate solution to the problem.

Our quality appraisal services will be neutral, honest and fair to all parties as quite often a PCB is incorrectly assumed to be a problem when it might be a process, consumables or even an environmental issue that is creating the difficulty.

We offer a range of test, inspection and cross-sectional analysis of boards along with a comprehensive quality report covering our own PCBs to ensure that you achieve the best technical solution for your problem.

Our approach to quality has always been from a customer’s perspective. We start off looking at the PCB as the potential cause so that we can respond quickly and effectively with the minimum inconvenience to our customers. If detailed investigations prove the boards not to be the problem, our work helps our customers to determine the actual route cause and therefore also bring about a fast resolve and this is a valuable service too.

Quality isn’t just an administration based process, at Momentum it is an integral thought process of everything we do.


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