Disposal services

When disposing of old circuits boards, scrap materials and obsolete part numbers, the correct measures should be taken to ensure all environmental and hazardous waste regulations are adhered to.

At Momentum, we recommend Kaug Refinery Services LTD (KRS) as a certified disposal agent; they will not only ensure your waste is disposed of in compliance with Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 and Landfill Regulations 2002, but will also provide a certificate of disposal to declare that all materials have been processed and disposed of in a correct and environmentally secure manner.

For printed circuit boards with ENIG or ENEG finishes, it may also be possible to get money back on your scrap circuit boards if it is commercially viable to recover the precious metals used within them. To discuss the most appropriate method of disposing of your waste circuit boards, get in touch and our logistics team will be happy to help.

Contact KRS:

Kaug Refinery Services Ltd
Green Street
Birmingham, B12 0NB

Tel: 0121 772 4029
Fax: 0121 766 7588

e: info@kaugrefinery.co.uk
w: www.kaugrefinery.co.uk

VAT No. GB 338 0169 61

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