A large part of Momentum Circuits’ added value is our understanding and clear communication of the logistics involved in getting your production critical printed circuit board to your door exactly when you need them with the lowest cost to you and minimal fuss.

We use a strategic mix of express courier, air-freight and sea-freight services to ensure that the most economical method is utilised and to ensure that you always have your immediate requirement and a ‘spike requirement’ contingency either available in your stores or held in our stock for when you need them.

Lower technology printed circuit boards can be manufactured and despatched 24 hours for urgent orders or critical prototypes, and there is a wide choice of longer delivery lead-times that can offer advantageous prices.

The Momentum team will proactively inform you regarding the progress of your WIP orders in manufacture, their progress in transit and stock levels that are available for immediate use. We will also prompt you for scheduled or kan-ban deliveries when would be the best time to re-order further requirements at the point where the cost of manufacture and shipping are at the very lowest point.

In order to assist our customers in making the most commercial advantageous choice, we will also show an additional section in your quotation forms that illustrate the price of smaller and larger volumes of your printed circuit board and a range of delivery times so that you can choose the best option for you.


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Momentum Circuits are printed circuit board manufacturers with a team that has over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.