Introduction to Momentum Circuits

If you have been directed to this page, you are probably a person or company that we would very much like to supply as a partner for your business.

In an ideal world, we always ask for the opportunity to visit you for a short meeting to find out specifically what it is you need and how you like to approach your PCB business. We don't want to take up too much of your time, but we do want to get things right in a way that is easy and convenient for you.

Our ethos at Momentum is simple, yet extremely effective. It is based on a total commitment to supplying the best quality product at the right time with as little fuss as possible. 

Momentum Circuits continually benchmark ourselves and, based on direct experience, feel that we are able to offer the most competitive like-for-like price for almost any circuit board technologies and volumes regardless of volumes, lead times or technology.

Our overheads are controlled to ensure that more of the commercial savings are passed on to our customers, but never in a way that compromises quality or performance.

We have no minimum order values or volumes as to the cumulative volume of PCBs that we manufacture and supply across a wide range of industry sectors benefits even our smallest board users.

In basic terms, our approach is as follows:

  • Identify what the customer genuinely needs.

  • Review the manufacturing data and engineering pack for the boards in order to  ascertain the most efficient way to manufacture and supply the PCBs with the highest yield and lowest overmake percentage.

  • Evaluate every aspect of materials, solderable finish, panelisation and utilisation of raw materials in order to achieve the best price.

  • Make the whole transaction easy, hassle-free and pleasant.

  • Offer a higher level of technical engineering competence than our competitors to add value and give peace of mind.

  • To use our extensive knowledge and understanding of the assembly process in order to give peace of mind and to enhance the products that we are supplying.

Everybody within our core operation is an experienced industry professional with a high level of engineering competence. Even our adminstrators read Gerber data and understand the total process from order through to production, delivery and the logistics of getting boards to your door.

To find out why we are different, why not ask us to come and illustrate what we can do to optimise your PCB situation and how much profit we can add to your business.


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Momentum Circuits are a team with over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.