Broadcast, Microwave & High Frequency

Momentum Circuits are extremely experienced and highly competent in the manufacture and supply of controlled impedance printed circuit board technologies.

With over 20 years of design and manufacture experience, we are able to advise and support your controlled impedance printed circuit board requirements in a range of substrate options and solderable finishes.

Momentum Circuits can either manufacture to a nominated dielectric build and supply a conformance coupon that will specify the measure impedance value achieved, or alternatively we can specify a build that conforms with your desired dielectric resistance values.

We are happy to advise on track width, copper depth and material 'stack-up' in order to meet your performance criteria using out Polar calculators and manufacturing calculator.

What our customers say...

"Our experience with controlled impedance applications is not extensive and the help that Craig (Momentum's Technical Director) gave us was absolutely invaluable. To be able to go back to our customer with such comprehensive answers and certification that what we are building is 100% to specification has really strengthened our relationship with our them and raised our technical awareness. Thank you for your help, it was genuinely appreciated."

Momentum Circuits also offer a wide range of matched printed circuit board substrates for controlled impedance applications, including:

  • Ceramic substrates
  • Nominated manufacture/grade FR4 laminates
  • PTFE materials (Rogers or Arlon grades)
  • Hybrid circuit boards

Please use our in-house CAM engineering capability as an extension to your own internal technical resources to achieve the best results for your high frequency applications.


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