Underwriting our boards

In the event of a PCB related failure, at Momentum Circuits we are committed to underwriting the printed circuit boards we supply, covering the component value of the board and a limited assembly labour cost.

At Momentum Circuits, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything we supply is fit for purpose and meets the industry requirements for the technology in question. By offering this unique guarantee within the UK printed circuit board industry, we hope to give our customers peace of mind that they will not have to cover component loss at their own expense.

How does the underwriting guarantee work?

If we have supplied printed circuit boards that exhibit open or short circuits, or if a circuit board delaminates when processed within the recommended temperature/time profiles, we will replace the boards as quickly as possible while covering the standard cost of any components that are not recoverable.

What DO we cover?

  • The replacement cost of the board (free issue replacements)
  • The cost of surface mount and conventional components that cannot be reasonably or reliably recovered, based on standard lead time and volume MOQ
  • The cost of populating the PCB element of the assembly only (specifically the time in surface mount and/or through-hole assembly for the bare board)

What do we NOT cover?

  • Premiums for purchasing components on fast lead times or in small volumes
  • Profit margin on components or labour rates (charge out rate vs actual labour costs)
  • Productions downtime
  • Test and inspection time
  • Deliberation, fault-finding time or ‘thinking time’
  • ‘Total batch rejection’ as part of a claim based on the typically higher value of components relative to PCB price – only qualified faults will be underwritten subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

As with all PCB assembly, we expect our customers to carry out a first article inspection and check the approval data on individual new products to ensure it matches expectations and is suitable for process, profile, and stability after thermal shock.

We understand that problems cost money, and we hope to help limit some of the costs involved with this offer. However, we do have to limit our liability reasonably to the printed circuit board element of a build only, as we have no control over the labour rates applied by our customers. We also cannot cover the costs associated with non-PCB related assembly, product build, or other aspects of the box build.

We hope this offer of goodwill helps to give you peace of mind in the event of a problem with your printed circuit boards. Please get in touch with the Momentum Circuits team to find out more about our underwriting guarantee or to discuss your requirements.

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