LED lighting application with FR4 & IMS materials

Momentum Circuits are UK market leaders in engineered cost optimisation for volume CEM 1, FR4, aluminium and solid copper material circuit board applications.

To our knowledge, Momentum Circuits have not been beaten in a quality or cost benchmarking exercise for LED lighting circuit boards for the past 2-years against any other UK circuit boards supplier.

We uniquely underwrite every board that we supply against component loss or attrition due to printed circuit board quality-related issues because we test our products beyond the requirements of the IPC.

  • Commercial linear strip lightning
  • High bay
  • Low bay
  • Halogen replacement
  • Automotive TS19949 approved
  • Marine applications
  • Architectural applications

Current price benchmarking has confirmed that no other UK based company can offer the same balance of performance, reliability, aesthetic finish and price that our customers need and expect.

Our technical sales engineers are able to offer the very best choice of materials, solderable finishes and copper weights to meet and exceed the performance and long-term reliability levels required for LED based technologies.

Momentum's approach to LED lighting circuit board applications focuses on every aspect of the design and composition of the circuit board.

  1. What materials have been specified and what commercially advantageous alternatives are available that offer the same or higher specification for a lower price?
  2. How are the boards panelised to create the greatest yield from the manufacturing panel?
  3. How can a combination of routing and scoring offer greater rigidity for the manufacturing panel and reduce the amount of post-finishing work?
  4. Which solderable finish offers the best performance for your nominated assembly process whilst keeping the cost to a minimum? For example, OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) is perfectly matched to IMS applications and offers a flatter finish with less chance of panel warpage, especially on larger panels. This is coupled with a considerable commercial advantage too.
  5. What is the ideal copper weight that will offer the long term reliability required to match the expected life of the LED lighting product but without over-specifying excessive and expensive copper?
  6. What colour, finish (gloss or matte) and specification of solder resist should be used to either absorb and dissipate the greatest amount of peripheral light/heat, or maintain the brilliance of the white to reflect light as effectively as possible without discolouration?
  7. The quality of ident printing and finishing so that installer instructions and product branding is perfectly presented.

What our customers say...

"The recent flurry of prototype and production orders, as always it’s entirely down to you and your chaps, your professionalism and the commercial advantages which you have offered. I think it’s only fair to say that down to you all, our understanding of PCB manufacture has completely changed and I can’t express how grateful I am that for this."

Momentum Circuits have a proven record of being able to make significant design, layout and commercial improvements to LED applications that increase your profitability and the aesthetic quality of your products.


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Momentum Circuits are printed circuit board manufacturers with a team that has over 50 years of direct industry engineering experience in design, PCB manufacture and the total assembly process from prototype right through to volume assembly.