Internal CAM Engineering Resource

As part of our customer service at Momentum Circuits, we offer a free internal CAM engineering resource to assist customers.

Our internal CAM engineering recourse ensures that every single order we receive will be manufactured to an exacting standard and will be 100% fit for purpose based on IPC based design rules and tolerances.

At Momentum Circuits, in addition to optimising the board designs for manufacture (tolerances, pad sizes and track widths where applicable), we have the capabilities to rapidly panelise PCBs and return the stepped data to facilitate purchase of solder stencils in the most cost effective way.

We adapt to every customer, as customers might want to change small aspects of the design, change a component footprint or even convert a design from traditional through-hole to surface mount technology, and we will carry out this work for you without cost or delay to your business. Therefore, at Momentum Circuits, we do not simply follow the Gerbers and engineering drawings as supplied, as this doesn’t ensure that all manufacturing and assembly considerations have been taken into account.

With our wealth of experience, we know that spotting a design error or conflict will save considerable time and money later if the boards are manufactured incorrectly. So we make sure that if there are any aspects of the board design that do not follow tradition logic, or conflicts between the Gerber data and the engineering drawing, we will always raise a query in the form of an Engineering Query (EQ), saving you time and money.

As Printed Circuit Boards are bespoke, and production critical, we never make assumptions that might compromise our customers’ assembly or product performance in any way.

Momentum Circuits offer a data recovery service to either update or completely reverse engineer a PCB board from either old design films or even by scanning physical boards where the original data may have been either corrupted or lost by the owners of the design or their historic PCB supplier. The new revised data and any other changes other than standard manufacturing tolerances will always be sent back to the end-user customer for approval before we up-issue and approve a design for manufacture.

Additionally, Momentum Circuits offer a comprehensive service to support nominated PCB build applications and controlled impedance applications that include track width and copper trace calculations and certified impedance stack ups.

To find out more about our Internal CAM Engineering Resource, or any of our other services, get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.

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