Layer Counts and HDI Capability

From the most simple, single-sided design right up to the very highest layer count boards, Momentum can offer you not just competitive pricing, but also ensure that our factory are technically suitable and industry approved to manufacture the boards to a very high, exacting standard.

All of our factories in the UK and China have UL accreditation and this is matched to the technologies we place with them.  All printed circuit boards are manufactured to either IPC Class 2 or 3 and are guaranteed with a certificate of conformity and extensive quality reports that cover every aspect of the design, material, finish and solderability (including a cross section to illustrate inner layer integrity and conformance).

It is understood in the electronics industry that you would not use a single-sided specialist to manufacture a 24-layer board with blind and buried vias for example, so we always best match our factory to the volume, lead-time and technical requirements of the board in question. This guarantees the highest quality and most competitive prices relative to technology.

Our standard track & gap capability is 3+3 thou”, (further details shown in the Quality &Technical drop down section), but we are also able to manufacture to a higher tolerance for small and medium volume printed circuit boards where we are afforded longer manufacturing lead-time.

Momentum offer the comprehensive range of blind, buried and filled vias (metal & epoxy based for intrinsically safe applications), micro and laser drilled holes and a combination of scoring, routing and depth routed printed circuit boards to suit all applications.

Even if your application falls outside the standards shown in our specification datasheet, please ask us about your requirements and we will try our best to accommodate you.


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