Automated systems

Momentum Circuits have introduced a number of shortcuts and icons to offer a simple way to receive information that our customers will often require.

We have introduced icons onto our email correspondence and quotations that will automatically take you right to where you need to go, or to identify important aspects of our services or quotations.

Initially there are four icons as follows

Beaten a target price

This will appear on all quotations submitted where we have either matched or improved on a given target price. We hope that our prices will always represent great value for quality, but we feel that this is a useful reminder for urgent enquiries where you need to get the best deal.

Automated tracking 

Everybody likes the ability to track their delivery with the minimum of fuss, so when we are sending you delivery advice, you can simply click onto the delivery icon and it will automatically hyperlink you to the exact page and detail for your package with the courier company being used. No more trying to find the right website and then copying and pasting; we have done it all for you at the click of a mouse.

Secondary Inspected

Every package of PCBs that are delivered to the Momentum office before being delivered to our customers will undergo a series of secondary inspection checks. The icon is then stuck onto the pack to inform you that you are viewing a vacuum-sealed pack of perfect boards in the correct orientation and correct to data for your peace of mind. By using totally transparent packaging, it is possible for you to view the boards without the need to break the seal and expose the boards to the atmosphere.

Automated WIP

For those customers who utilise our automated WIP system, it is possible to track the progress and stock volume of PCBs directly on line with a dedicated password protected link to our MCi administration system. This means that at any time of day or night, you can follow the progress of your production critical PCBs without the need to request a summary report during working hours. 


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