Military & Aerospace

Circuit board technologies utilised within the Military (MIL-Spec) and Aerospace sector tend to be the highest specification materials, solderable finishes and technologies.

This will include nominated origin substrate materials, flexible circuits, flex-rigid layouts and even hybrid material composite boards. All of the technologies are within Momentum Circuits' capabilities.

Often cost is not the driving factor within this sector (although the focus on price continues to become increasingly important), but uncompromising quality, reliability, traceability and often challenging circuit board technologies are very much the requirement within this sector.

Momentum Circuits appreciate that all circuit boards manufactured for applications within this sector also require fixed and approved origins of manufacture with total traceability and security of Gerber data and engineering drawings/specifications.

All work is covered by strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that the security and archiving of your data is totally secure and there is no risk of security breach.

Momentum understand that there is often a requirement for short lead-times despite the sometimes challenging specification of materials and board complexity, and we can offer the very quickest delivery using approved MIL-Spec factories either in the UK or offshore if approved by our customers.

What our customers say...

"Historically, the thought of manufacturing any component of our products offshore would have been simply out of the question. Our concerns over security of Gerber files and the implications of poor data control resulted in all of our products being manufactured in the UK. It is therefore a revelation to (name withheld) that the quality and type approvals offered by your nominated factory were in fact higher than our incumbent suppliers and this has resulted in a total rethink. We now look forward to seeing what savings can be achieved on our established battery powered devices."

Momentum Circuits provide boards that comply with the following international standards:

  •  IPC-A-600G (Acceptability of PCBs) Class I,II & III
  •  IPC-6012 (Quality & Performance specification for rigid PCB) Class I, II & III
  •  IPC-TM-650 Test Method 
  •  ISO-9001-2008 Quality Accredited
  •  UL Approved
  •  IPC Class 2 or3
  •  ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) Compliant


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