Improved packing procedure

Momentum Circuits are pleased to introduce a new packaging method that offers considerable advantages over the old traditional method of thermal vacuum wrapping you may have seen in the past.

We have invested in an industrial packaging system that will seal all boards into clear,  transparent vacuum bags without subjecting the contents to any further heat, and in a way where the packaging can be opened without any physical strain on the panels inside.

This method has a number of distinct advantages over the old method:

  • The packaging is crystal clear and it is therefore possible to inspect or view a board in detail without unwrapping the package and subjecting the boards to further handling or exposing them to dirt and humidity.
  • The bags can be opened easily with scissors or a blade rather than ripped off, and once the vacuum is broken, the packaging becomes loose and boards can be removed without the risk of depanelisation or damage.
  • The bags containing panels can then be reused to seal part quantities, thus increasing the shelf life of the contents.
  • This method of packaging does not require any heat as the bags are induction sealed and therefore the boards are not subjected to unnecessary thermal processes.
  • In line with our ISO14001 environmental commitments, the packaging can either be re-used , returned or 100% recycled.

Momentum Circuits are continually investing in new technology to perform better and offer our customers an advantage. 


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