Creative Optimisation

Almost every situation in business can be improved or optimised, even if in a relatively small way.

Printed circuit boards are a production critical item that is the starting point for almost every assembly application, and we try to apply as many large or small improvements to every aspect of the design and way that the boards are supplied so that cumulatively, the price advantage can be considerable.

There are many aspects of how a PCB is manufactured that have a direct influence on cost. We have shown examples on the Momentum website of how to get the best value from the raw materials utilised and reducing waste and even wherever possible, whilst adhering to the ideal panel specification sent by the customer for assembly.

We also focus on standardisation and rationalisation of the other factors that affect the PCB price, as follows:

  • Material specification
  • Material origin
  • Solderable finish
  • Routing Vs Scoring Vs Punching
  • Number of solder resists
  • Number of screen printed idents
  • Panelisation relative to laminate supplier size
  • Batch sizes
  • Manufacturing lead time
  • Delivery options (Air-freight, sea-freight or a combination)

We never ignore even the smallest commercial advantage as the combination of several areas of focus can be staggeringly advantageous, especially on medium or large volume batches.


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