Price Vs Payment Terms

Cash-flow is a problem for some companies and we will always try and offer a package that allows your business to flourish without burdening you with the potentially large cost of inventory.

However, if Momentum are able to secure short payment terms, we are able to pass on the cost advantage to our customers. We therefore offer to incentivise any customer who is willing and able to pay on shorter terms by offering even more aggressive pricing for your boards.

PCBs are rarely the longest lead-time component in your assembly BOM, and there are almost always other components, mouldings and metalwork that will be available on longer lead-times.

As our focus is to offer a perfect balance of quality product with exemplary technical support and the lowest possible industry prices, we feel it can be mutually beneficial to reconsider conventional purchasing thinking to see what kind of price advantages can be passed on to customer partners who are able to take goods and pay promptly.

We offer a comprehensive range of packages to assist small and large companies with their cash-flow, but ultimately there is no cheaper way to purchase your boards than by offering Momentum your best payment terms.


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